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Learn about how your thoughts, mannerisms, and habits play a part in what is going on in your life. Shed light on unclear areas of your life and gain a deeper understanding of Self.

Herbal Medicine Services

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As someone who has struggled with depression and hormonal imbalances, I understand. I KNOW it’s possible to make POSITIVE strides forward like:

Going from feeling hopeless about fertility, afraid of your severe PMS, feeling weighed down by feelings of depression, struggling with menopause, hormonal imbalances, and other issues…

To having the knowledge, skills, and power to take care of your body. Experience the ENERGY and HOPE to start living a life you love again.

I specialize in helping women make lasting changes in their lives using natural herbal medicines. Together, we discover the specific blends of herbal solutions that best serve you and help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

With your body blueprint, you will understand more about how your body works and have an idea of which herbs are best for your body type

  • What you get: a personalized guide to health and wellness unique to YOUR body type (also known as constitution or physical disposition) delivered via email.
  • I am not helping you to “fix” a particular issue but I am helping you learn about what your unique body needs. You will fill out an intake form and your results will be based on that form.
  • Understand how to manage and prevent health issues
  • Is turmeric really good for YOU? Or is white peony better? What about elderberry? Raw or cooked vegetables? This is what you will learn via Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is about YOU getting to know yourself and learning how to support your own healing through herbs and leading a holistic lifestyle. Perfect for people who want to incorporate herbs into their lives and live a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to start. This is not for people who want to work on specific issues – for that choose “One-on-one women’s health herbal class” below.

This class is for women who want to work to improve severe PMS, feelings of anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalance, menopause and perimenopause, PCOS, and other women’s health concerns. Work with me one-on-one to find alternative ways to care for your specific problems.

  • What you get: 3 months of one-on-one time with me via email, text, and phone (you do not need to visit my office). We will address long-term issues such as infertility, hormonal imbalances, depression, and others. This service is for people who are ready to make consistent changes.
  • You will fill out a very detailed intake form and I will ask you a lot of questions to make sure that the suggestions I give are perfect for you and create results.
  • I am not a doctor and I do not prescribe or give herbal remedies or supplements. If you desire herbal remedies, I can guide you to appropriate places locally and online to purchase them.

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