10 Tips for Successful Dream Work

  1. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. When you first begin recording your dreams you will most likely remember very little, but that’s okay. Sometimes you may just remember a feeling or emotion. Keep going and you’ll remember more and more.



  1. Not everything is what it seems. Dreams are full of symbolism. Don’t take everything literally. Also remember that if you go “visiting” during dream time, especially with guides or extraterrestrials, parts of your third-dimensional/waking life mind may not fully understand what went on. This means when you wake up the dream may seem jumbled or not make complete sense. Sometimes we choose to forget things before we come back, so don’t be hard on yourself if this is the case with some of your dreams.

  1. Ask for clarification. One of the best things to do when you can’t figure out what a dream means is to ask for clarification. This may come as something in waking life or in another dream. You can also use divination to help interpret your dreams, but do not rely too heavily on external ways of interpreting your dreams – it is about how you feel.

  1. The most important part of a dream is how you feel. Of course it is helpful sometimes to look at dream dictionaries but people feel differently about different situations. Before looking at a dream journal, ask yourself how you feel about it.

  1. Look up possible dream interpretations. Though dream symbols are highly personal and vary from person to person, this is one of the best ways to understand dreams if you are subconsciously avoiding finding out the meaning because you are afraid.

  1. Set an intention before you to go sleep. While holding your dream pillow or crystal (or without one) state your intention and mean it. This could be “It is my intention to dream of _______.” or “It is my intention to visit and talk to ______ in dream time.”

  1. Dream pillows, herbs, and crystals. Herbs and crystals are great at enhancing your dreams and dream recall ability. Any of these herbs and crystals could possibly work for you: lavender, chamomile, rose, mint, yarrow, damiana, clove, cinnamon, wormwood, mugwort, amethyst, prehnite, sodalite, blue calcite, selenite, and sodalite.
herbal dream pillow with crystals
  1. What’s bothering you? We often dream of things that are bothering us. Sometimes these things may have even happened decades ago. When these dreams happen, they are a reminder that we cannot ignore our problems and even if we do they are still subconsciously causing harm. Pay close attention to recurring dreams about past or current issues for guidance on how to heal them.

  1. Your emotions don’t lie (but you can still lie to yourself.) Are you surprised by the way that you reacted to something in a dream? Don’t ignore it! A lot of the time we force ourselves to put up with things that we don’t like, or tell ourselves that we do like them. A dream that you are acting out against something in your waking life that you “like” is your way of telling yourself that it is really not good for you in the long run.

  1. Everything has meaning. Some nights you may have dreams that teach you things so great that you are blown away. Other nights your dreams may seem silly, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Silly dreams can be just as beneficial to your healing and learning as other dreams.



Be careful sleeping with herbs and crystals – do thorough researching to make sure it is safe.

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